Man of the Month Title Image: Colin Firth

The most stylish Man of the Month: Colin Firth

The most stylish man of the month: Colin Firth

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is in cinemas around the world so we thought it was fitting to feature English actor and style icon Colin Firth as our October Man of the Month.

In both Kingsman films, Firth plays Harry Hart aka Galahad – a spy, whose cover is a Savile Row tailor. Could there be a more perfect role for such an immaculately dressed gent? We think not.

Raised in Hampshire, Firth followed his ambition for acting to the London Drama Centre and National Youth Theatre, before landing his first West End stage role as Guy Bennett in the 1981 production of Another Country. In 1995, his breakthrough role as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice forever cemented his image as a broody, devastatingly handsome epitome of English gentlemanliness.

Since then, his choice of film roles has taken full advantage of the fact that he wears a suit like he was born in one, including: The English Patient, Love Actually, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and the Bridget Jones series. Firth has a knack of looking perfectly comfortable in suits of any time period, from the 1930s in The Kings Speech to the 1960s in A Single Man, directed (and presumably dressed) by Tom Ford. And while the Kingsman films are set in the present day, Firth’s character shows that double-breasted suits and tweed are just as smart and relevant today as they ever were.

When not on film….

At 57, Colin Firth has developed his own style and is sticking with it (GQ named him as an example of how to dress when you’re over 50). Well, when it works as well as it does for him, why change? He’s perfected the art of conveying confidence and masculinity in a subtle, no-fuss way. And with ardent admirers of all ages, it’s time to take notes gentlemen…

Firth reflects his quiet, reserved presence in a colour palette of greys, blacks and navy. You’ll rarely see colour in his wardrobe, except perhaps in a scarf or tie. He prefers to concentrate on cut and texture. With such a tall, broad frame perfectly-cut clothing is essential – extra fabric flapping around would look horrible.

Rather than colour or embellishment, he lets the quality of the fabrics and shape of his clothes do the talking. Silk, cashmere and wool feature heavily. If patterns do appear, he favours fine stripes and pin-spots. He isn’t afraid of playing with fabrics like velvet for formal affairs and, like us, he loves a beautifully tailored overcoat.

Accessories are kept to a minimum. Day-to-day, great sunglasses or statement spectacles, a scarf, umbrella and great hair are all he needs. On the red carpet, he’ll add a traditional white pocket square or a luxe metallic tie (or no tie at all, if the mood takes him).

How I would dress him…

I would add some subtle colours to Colin’s wardrobe. He’s known for being very understated but I’m sure underneath there’s a minx waiting to get out. Perhaps just a cool scarf wrapped around his neck to add a pop of colour, a funky pocket square or an ‘out there’ umbrella to add some fun to his look.

But, regardless of whether he’s in a casual or formal situation, he’ll always wear a jacket and button-down shirt – often in classic white. It’s his signature style, and we can’t imagine him in anything else. If ever there was a poster boy for classic, British tailoring it’s Colin Firth, and we love him for it.