Man of the month – Bear Grylls

  Man of the month – Bear Grylls

 Bear G3 BG

Bear Grylls, is a man with survival instincts who seems to know exactly how to dress for every occasion whether he’s climbing up a mountain, eating insects or walking the red carpet. He understands the importance of a well fitting slim fit shirt, at AW we believe this is an essential wardrobe staple. As shown, a slim fit transforms and smartens up any casual day time outfit and is the basic foundation for black tie evening ensemble.

Whilst appearing to have a wicked sense of humour, Mr Grylls was recently papped posing in a pink top hat at Ascot! After all true style doesn’t always have to be so serious. Another top tip to take away from Bear Grylls is his ability to subtly, seamlessly colour coordinate with his wife’s outfits. His tie is the ideal shade of navy to match his partners shaul, whilst the grey waistcoat is the similar shade of her hat.

Grey is indeed one of the best understated neutrals to tie an outfit together, when wanting to wear a contrasting three piece, as Bear proves (pictured). Mixing and matching is not only on trend by also enables you to get more out of your three piece suits, by interchanging you jackets, waistcoats and trousers. At Alexandra Wood, we would advise out of the three pieces to keep two originals and mix in a third, for example:

1) An original jacket and waistcoat, with mismatched trousers.

2) A coloured jacket, with contrasting waistcoat and trouser combo.

3) As Bear wears black trousers and matching jacket with a different coloured waistcoat.

3rd Man of the Month Bear’s lighter coloured waistcoat gives his black suit a summer vibe. Whereas when wearing a black suit during the up and coming winter months, we would advise pairing with a darker waistcoat, either a matching black, navy or a deep red. Grylls has dark features, although his black/grey/navy combination, is extremely versatile and would suit fairer complexions too.

Accessories, accessories, accessories… Are a must in order to take any outfit from drab to dapper. Bear seems to be a fan of a good old fashioned bow tie. It’s lovely to make the most of a formal event, so be sure to not shy away, and mimic Mr Grylls’s self assurance by wearing this accessory with the confidence a bow tie deserves. Once again Bear Grylls has proven his ability to effortlessly colour coordinate with his partners ensemble, this time by adorning a dragonfly brooch, in a matching gold tone. In this case their synchronised clothing are more than just well planned outfits. This type of coordination unities them as a couple, and indicates to any onlookers a strong team bond.

If it was up to us at Alexandra Wood we would love to hit reverse and dress Bear in a slim fit black shirt, cream jacket and trousers for smart occassions. Not only would this suit his colouring, we would love to see his beautiful blonde wife in a matching cream dress. Plus, a good pair of slick shoes, with perhaps a contrast coloured pair of laces, rather than a full on red pair of shoes 🙂

For the Summer months, powder blues would beautifully set off his skin tone and sense of fun, keeping it chilled with an open necked white shirt and cheeky contrasted, vintage style pocket square. Which, funnily enough will be available to buy from AW soon…..

Bear G

That’s all for this month, AW over and out.

Words by Jasmine Ives-Keeler