Makeovers for Damien Lewis, Christoph Waltz & Javier Bardem

Damien Lewis


Having received an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role in Homeland (some call it the best TV show on Earth), super cool and uber stylish Damien Lewis is definitely one to look up to in questions of inspiration and fashion. We love seeing him in his slim fit pieces – especially those in colour – and simply adore his coloured shirts and patterned ties!

So now over to our mastermind AW to see what she would clad this fabulous actor in:

“A plain electric blue suit would look wonderful on Damien with a fresh, white shirt. It would draw out his eye colour and complement his colouring, enhancing it rather than making it look dowdy.”
Christoph Waltz


From England over to Austria, we are now taking a peek at a fellow Golden Globe winner, the outstanding Christoph Waltz. Countless nominations and awards only prove just how brilliant a performer Herr Waltz is and he might be adding another Academy Award to his collection soon. He likes to play it save at the awards shows and premieres he attends and feels most comfortable in a dark suit, but he adds his own little twist – watch out for those ties!

Here are AW’s thoughts on what we would love to see him wear:

“A dark blue mohair suit to add texture and interest. He has a classic, silver fox look, which means a simple but beautifully cut suit would work very well for him.”
Javier Bardem


Our little “Tour d’Europe” of well dressed and inspirational men ends in Spain, with the charismatic Javier Bardem. He is the first Spanish actor to win an Academy Award and if that wasn’t enough he is also married to the beautiful Penelope Cruz. So it shouldn’t really surprise us that he walks the limelights of this world with incredible understated confidence. Often wearing a tie-less shirt, top button undone, still exuding style with no end. That’s not to say he doesn’t cut a sharp figure in a black tux.

Here at AW, we would love to see him in:

“A three-piece dark grey flannel suit with claret accents, such as a pocket square and cravat with an open neck shirt to compliment his Latino colouring.”