A kingdom for some socks

I still remember my first date with my gorgeous husband – he looked good, his aftershave made me weak in the knees and he was dressed as sharp as Gordon’s knives! Fast forward a few more dates and he was allowed into my elusive lodgings. The coat came off and then the shoes and that’s when I realised my man needed some help. For my perfect man was wearing standard black socks, slightly mismatched and worn down at the heels.

Now you may ask – what do they matter? They are in shoes most of the time and then come off. Yes we want our man to come to bed sockless, but that doesn’t mean he can wear any old thing.

This season brings us some daring colours and patterns, so why not get daring like Ryan Gosling or – wait for it!! George Bush Snr (yes he has been known to wear cool, fashionable socks!) – and let your feet make a fashion statement?

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