Key items of clothing guaranteed to be a success

Key items of clothing guaranteed to be a success

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Shhhh, I’m giving away the secrets, here is what us Ladies love to see Men in. There are some items of clothing that you simply cant and shouldn’t live without, so make sure you have them in your wardrobe.

1-A crisp white shirt. Slightly opened at the top. One button or two at the top is our preference.
2-Well cut pair of jeans that hug your bum nicely. Preferably dark blue and all one colour.
3-Slim fitting T-shirts that show off that nice body
4-Shorts that are cut to mid thigh. This is the most flattering length and shows off those nice legs.
5-A beautifully cut suit that shows whose boss. Yes, we like kind and gentle but we also like to know who the man is.

Last but not least, a perfect pair of shoes. Brogues are a must have in any Mans wardrobe and be prepared and have both black and chocolate, to work with a number of outfits.

The key here is simplicity. Clean and fresh with equally sharp tailoring, showing off your best assets. All the above do just that and is fairly easy to achieve.

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