Wedding suit trends for 2020

Posted 28/05/2019 01:00


Wedding suit trends change year on year and while it may seem like a million years away; as scary as it may be, 2020 is just around the corner! We predict that 2020 is going to be the ultimate year to get married!

Why? It’s a nice neat number and has a nice ring to it. Maybe 20/2/20…

So what wedding suit trends will 2020 see?

2020 will see the return of simplicity and with the release of the 25th James Bond film there will be a definite shift towards sleek dinner suits and dark, well fitted suits with minimal fuss.

Our two piece dinner suits are simple and just how a classic British dinner suit should be. The dinner suit is the ultimate Brit design, so it makes perfect sense that this is why Bond has made it even more iconic.

2020 has a definite ring to it! We predict it’ll be the ultimate year for weddings

Dinner suits don’t all have to be black or even midnight blue, which Tom Ford made famous. Why not choose a deep burgundy or emerald green?

If you’re getting married in the Winter, you can opt for a smoking jacket with dinner trousers. This is such a great look, particularly if you’re opting for a classy, elegant wedding!

A wedding party who opted for dinner suits looking fantastic on their special day.

Want something you can wear again? Then Bonds ultimate charcoal suit with a sheen is the way to go. Super versatile and clean, this makes for a great suit for your wedding and forever more.

Shoes will be minimal, such as loafers, single monk straps or Italian style with minimal lacing.

Shirts will be crisp, silky white and luxurious.

Accessories will be sleek, with a touch of texture and simple colour.

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