Why every man needs a tailored cotton suit

Posted 23/04/2018 00:00

Men's style

Is it linen, is it wool? No, it’s cotton…. A cotton suit is rare, but trust me they’re cool in more ways than one; and for the transitional season, they really do look great.

So what’s so great about them?

The fact that you can wear them so easily as separates without risking looking like you’ve paired your business jacket with your chinos. This suit is incredibly versatile. Cotton is so light to wear, feels comfortable and keeps you cool when its toasty outside.

When would you not wear it?

In Winter, it just wouldn’t look right. The jacket or trousers alone would look fine but all together we advise against it.

What style should I choose?

This suit looks best as a two buttoned jacket with a centre vent. To add a little quirk, switch up the buttons to tortoise shell over plain and ask for a bold piping colour inside your jacket if you’re opting for no lining.

What construction should I choose?

Choose a light construction with minimal canvassing or with none at all for a totally relaxed look. The joy of this suit is that you can make it work for most shapes and sizes by choosing the right construction for the person wearing it.

What colours are best?

Stone and off white are all the rage but the colours are pretty limitless and stronger colours (if you’re slightly braver) look incredible!

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Words by Alexandra Wood