What to wear to your Easter lunch this weekend

Posted 18/04/2019 00:00

Men's style

Do you struggle with what to wear if it doesn’t involve a smart suit?

Whether you’re delighted to be having lunch with your children and grandchildren this weekend or perhaps you’re not so delighted to be seeing your in-laws, Easter is a time to see family or simply enjoy the long weekend and a smart lunch is usually involved.

As we’ve discussed before, we have many clients who are comfortable when it comes to weekday business suits but struggle a little more with smart casual occasions.

We're going to let you in on a little secret… we’ve got a simple formula for a smart weekend outfit that works for many occasions!

The AW Formula for Smart Casual
It really is as simple as this:

A sports jacket in a colour or material of your choice.

A shirt in a spring shade or even a pattern.

A cotton twill, a smart jean or a chino.

Now you can of course mix and match these items in any way and as many times as you want. You’ll just need to be creative with colours and textures.

And of course, different fabrics and colours will be more suitable for different times of the year which is why we’ve chosen the lighter weight silk and wool blend Ocean Sports Jacket with the Barbados pink linen and silk blend shirt and the Cotton Twill trousers. These lighter fabrics and colours are gorgeous for this time of year!

The same rule can apply all year round, for example, a heavier cotton shirt with chinos and a tweed or a more heavily textured sports jacket would be ideal for the colder months.

But thankfully, for now, we can focus on the warm weather and plan our outfits around lighter materials!

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend and a Happy Easter!

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