What is an unstructured jacket?

Posted 12/06/2019 00:00

Men's style

You may have seen a wave of unstructured jackets selling in most menswear stores.

We mentioned that our recent Man of the Month, Oliver Peyton loved an unstructured look so what is an unstructured jacket and what’s the purpose?

If my customers are anything to go by, I know that most men seem to get really hot. The climates heating up and we simply don’t need to wear super, heavy clothing as much as we did years ago. Plus there’ll always be a wave of new constructions that are too appealing not to have a play around with.

So, what does unstructured mean?

It means, no canvas, which in short, adds the body, structure and shape to a jacket. It has some or no lining and has much lighter shoulder padding, making the whole construction a lot lighter and really comfortable wear in situations like travel and or in hotter climates.


An unstructured jacket is easy to wear, with a relaxed feel. As it’s virtually weightless, it’s a nice way to smarten up a summer look. You can wear with a shirt or t-shirt and it makes things a little sharper than wearing them alone.

They’re perfect for holidays and we love that chilled outlook of a lightweight unstructured jacket, maybe a hat and some lightweight trousers. Wine in hand, sun beaming down – perfection!


If you want a structured look, something more defined, then it’s probably not for you. If you like to create shape on your body because you’re not keen on your wonky shoulders (by the way, pretty much everyone has uneven shoulders) then a more structured look would likely be more preferable to you.

An unstructured jacket isn’t for more formal occasions and is most certainly for a more relaxed affair.


If you’ve got a killer body then you can pretty much rock anything and go for a more snug, unstructured look but if you’re a little heavier, you can opt for a more relaxed shape, with a little more space, this will be more flattering.

Either way, it’s a great option for a more relaxed look for all body shapes.

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