What is a sports jacket?

Posted 11/07/2019 09:48

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We talk a lot about smart casual wear over here on the Journal as we understand a full suit is not always necessary. Can you just take the jacket from your suit and pair with different trousers? (Not recommended!) So what is a sports jacket? Keep reading to find out.

So what do you wear when a suit isn’t required but you still need to look smart?

Enter, the sports jacket

A sports jacket is a more casual jacket that usually still has structure and is created from either tweed, wool or even linen blends. Compared with a suit jacket or a blazer, the sports jacket has a few different details.

The sports jacket traditionally would have been slightly ‘roomier’ so you could layer a jumper and shirt underneath it, however, today you can choose your fit, especially with made to measure.

Traditional colours for sports jackets have been browns, greens, greys and blues, however again, the choice is yours now!

When would you wear a sports jacket?

While sports jackets are great for an extra layer in autumn/winter, we think their real moment to shine is at various summer events.

They’re great for a more casual wedding, garden party or just a nice day to night event. The great thing about them is you can create new looks with different coloured and textured shirts and trousers.

With Henley Regatta and Wimbledon now in full flow, these are the perfect occasions for a sports jacket and chino combination. While wanting to look seasonal and still smart, the sports jacket is great for these sporting events!

Why can’t I just wear my suit jacket?

The suit jacket is designed with less detail and therefore more formal (depending on what you opted for, of course). The colour, fabric, and style would have been selected to match the trousers of your suit and therefore pairing a suit jacket with a more casual trouser poses the risk of looking odd and mismatched. Trust us on this one.

A look at our sports jackets

While you can of course have a jacket made to measure, we also offer ready to wear options both in store and online.


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