The top new trends for men in 2019

Posted 27/12/2018 00:00

Men's style

Tailorings back (hoorah!) although in my book it never really went anywhere.

Apparently only 10% of Men are now wearing business suits, but it doesn’t mean that you guys are giving up on suits completely. You’re merely getting more experimental.

My fabric suppliers have sent me far more funky fabric bunches, alternative tweeds and clever constructions recently and this is where I get to see the changes first.

Men are becoming far more experimental and having a lot more fun. The mix and match wardrobe is a real thing right now and where your grey Birdseye suit jacket worn with a pair of smart/causal trousers is one hell of a no no – A bold check suit jacket mixed with jeans and the trousers worn with a crisp white shirt gets a massive thumbs up from me!

Short shorts

Short shorts. I’m happy! I can’t stand knee length shorts or even worse still; cargo shorts with zips a plenty. Men, show off your legs, whether they’re spindly or chunky; shorter shorts really are more stylish. Trust me!

Greens still going strong

I’m so happy about this, as I said in 2016 that this was going to be the new alternative to blue and even if it’s a bit smug. I was right 😉

It’s such an easy colour to wear. As a general guide: If you’re paler, opt for soft sages/khaki, Olive skin tones can get away with richer tones and darker skin tones can do bold, vibrant emerald greens. Wear this colour and you’ll leave others green with envy. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Patterned shirts

Florals, animals, fruit. They’re all the rage on shirts at the moment. Dinner shirts worn casually (this is actually one of my faves). Patterned shirts allow Men to show off their personality while keeping their masculinity in tact. Mix with a navy sports jacket and you look cool, rather than looking like you’ve lost your marbles and gone back to wearing the funky printed shirts back from when you were 20!

If you’re not confident on how to make these work, this is where I help. Using style, colour and tailoring I create you a killer wardrobe. You can simply book your style call by emailing us.