The top 5 business suits for men

Posted 23/09/2019 09:25

Men's style

Our brand new range of classic, ready to wear business suits are now available in-store and online. Ready to wear suits that you can take away almost instantly have been so regularly requested that we knew we had to include them in our latest collection.

These are the styles that work in the boardroom, for interviews and for special occasions. They can help you look and feel sharp every day.

Made from Holland & Sherry’s ‘Intercity’ fabric bunch, this is made from a 10oz pure wool and is super hardy. 10oz is great for all seasons and will keep its shape. If you’re an avid suit wearer, we always recommend owning 5 suits in your wardrobe, wearing for one day and testing for two and rotating accordingly.

We recommend having suits in the classic colours for different situations and occasions. For example, a classic navy is very easy to wear, perfect for interviews, it can be dressed up and it’s easy to match with accessories. A brighter blue is that bit more playful, great if you work in a creative industry and it also works really well for other occasions such as weddings. We then recommend a petrol blue which is a softer colour and more flattering for most skin tones. It gives a more laidback look and is great to match with different accessories. Our puppytooth fabric is a lovely blend, it’s great to show a bit of personality if you’re more creative and that small pattern just looks really nice if you fancy something a little bit different. The grey Charcoal suit doesn’t have to be plain and works really well with a range of coloured accessories. It is, however, great is you want to be taken seriously and happen to be on the opposing side in a meeting!

How and where they’re made

Our ready to wear collections are made by our wonderful production teams in the beautiful Porto, Portugal. The care and the detail that goes into every item is quite exceptional which is why we’re happy to ensure our garments will stand the test of time. Each suit is created with a soft shoulder and a half canvas. Plus, each fabric has gone through over 64,000 test rubs to ensure the suits will be built to last no matter what you wear them for. The cut is with a classic slim leg and a curved waistline, meaning your silhouette will be as sharp as the suit itself.

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