How to look hot but stay cool this summer

Posted 28/05/2019 00:00

Men's style

The summer is finally here. Wahoo! Now what to wear?

You get hot as it is rushing to work or speed walking it through the park, so now summer’s here it’s kicking up all sorts of nightmares. Here’s how to look hot but stay cool this summer.

The irony is that you think of Summer and think of fresh linen clothes that make you look like Harrison Ford on safari, yet the reality is actually a shirt stuck to your body and sweat dripping down your forehead.

It’s time to be lightweight!

We have some options that could be the answer to all your problems! From lightweight shirts to super lightweight jeans. Like seriously lightweight.

These guys weigh just 0.5lb! you can roll them or fold them and they’ll be THE most comfortable item in your wardrobe this Summer. Plus, we’ve got a variety of colours to suit all occasions.

Sporting season = Sports jackets

Sports jackets are a man’s wardrobes best friend. You can wear a t-shirt or a sweater with one and it instantly sharpens up the look. We’ve created three limited edition ranges this summer that fit all occasions and purposes.

The navy texture

If you’re bored of the classic, navy sports jacket (Plus, like Black it absorbs the sun like hell!) We’ve got the best alternative which is a much lighter feel but looks just as smart. Made from cotton and linen it feels light, comfortable and is very easy to wear.

The green silk blend

Green is the best alternative to blue. It’s such a complimentary colour for most men’s skin tone and is especially flattering as you start to age.

What you should know about our ready to wear ranges:

All of our sports jackets are so simple to style and one of our favourite combinations for a smart/casual event is a sports jacket paired with a smart jean/chino or corduroy. This look is sophisticated and really easy to mix and match with other colours and styles. Also, we only use the highest quality fabrics. Our sports jacket range this year is from fabric supplier; Dormeuil. Our production is always and only premium and ethical.

You may not be aware that our ready to wear is easy to alter. There’s plenty of seam allowance to let out and take in. So if It’s not quite the perfect fit, a couple of tiny tweaks will do the trick. You’re now ready for the warmer weather and can look hot but stay cool! Shop now

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