10 things men need to think about when dressing over 50

Posted 24/10/2019 09:30

Men's style

As a designer, Alexandra Wood knows what men look good in. Follow this simple advice and not only will you look stylish and sophisticated, you'll feel comfortable and confident in your outfit choices.

1. Key one essential

Don’t take it too seriously!

2. Consider fit

As you get older, a great fit is paramount. It can really make or break how you appear. If the shoulders are hanging off or your sleeves are too long (jacket sleeves should stop at your wrist bone) Otherwise, you look like Tom Hanks out of Big...

3. Colour is your friend

Don’t be scared to use it. It can brighten your skin tone if you choose the right one for you! Dark greys and black can make an older skin look sallow, so opt for colours with some warmth. Think petrol blue over dark navy if you’re pale for example. Use brighter or warmer colours near your face and darker below if you’re wanting to add some darker colours into the mix.

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4. Mix and match styles

Layer your clothes and don’t be afraid to put a stripe with a textured jacket or a tie that doesn’t match your pocket square. The less you’ve tried, the more it looks like you’ve made the effort. It’s a winner!

5. Choose great accessories

If you don’t want to wear a bright jacket to show off your personality and want just a little pop of colour, then pocket squares and ties are a great solution and can add some flavour to any outfit. The joys of men’s clothing is that no one will ever notice if you’ve worn the same item a number of times if you simply change your shirt or pocket square...

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6. Footwear is important!

Choose shoes and socks to complement your outfit. A poor pair of shoes can rapidly bring a great look down, as can a pair of non-matching socks...

7. Quality over quantity

Think less is more. If you’ve got great, key pieces in your wardrobe you’ll find them far more effective than buying loads of things you never wear or find it hard to think about piecing together.

8. Think about your lifestyle

What amount of time to you spend wearing formal work attire vs a more casual look or is most of your time spent travelling? This will determine whether you need more sports jackets or suits.

9. Invest in texture

Similar to colour, rich textures can complement skin and add an overall more luxurious feel to the outfit. Think wools, knits and tweeds for casual and don’t be afraid to dabble in velvets and corduroys. (Corduroys are more chic than ever!)

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10. What makes you feel great?

Wear what makes YOU feel good. Choose quality items that will last and really love the pieces you’re buying. We like to think of clothing as your own pieces of artwork. Special and unique.

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