Man of the Month: Roger Federer

Posted 19/06/2019 10:13

Man of the month

With Wimbledon just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at the suave Mr Federer and what he likes to wear off the court.

What to we know about Roger Federer?

What can we say about Roger Federer… He’s considered to be no.3 in the world in men’s singles tennis and that he’s won 20 grand slam titles which by the way is the most in history for a male player! Impressive stuff.

He’s Swiss and has always been into sport including basket ball, football and badminton. He established the Roger Federer Foundation in 2003 to help disadvantaged children with access to education and sports. His tennis career is quite incredible and his achievements seem to be never ending!

His wife, Miroslava, was also a tennis player but retired in 2002 after a foot injury. Amazingly, the couple have two sets of twins, two girls and two boys!

Roger Federer’s Style

From what we can see, his style is classic and he likes a laid back look. His strong features and dark hair look great with dark colours though he does like a neutral including cream or grey too. Which of course, he also looks great in!

Most pictures of Roger off-duty seem to show him in smart/casual wear. He also tends to opt for a polo shirt or an unbuttoned shirt with a jacket and trousers rather than a full suit for most occasions.

How would we dress Roger Federer?

We’d love to see him in a striking dinner suit. Perhaps a rich coloured velvet (maybe green…) He’s got a laid back coolness about him and he rocks smart and casual wear. It would just be really fun to see him in something that’s smart but also colourful.

Overall, he’s not only a sporting legend but already looks great in pretty much anything. It’s alright for some!