Man of the Month: Grey Fox AKA David Evans

Posted 29/07/2019 11:24

Man of the month

If you’re not familiar with the Grey Fox AKA David Evans then we highly recommend you check out his blog. Before you do that, find out why he’s our Man of the Month and what we love about his style.

What do we know about Grey Fox?

David was a lawyer for over 25 years and he then retrained as a teacher, meaning, he’s been a busy and rather clever fox in his time! He’s also a family man and has an adorable Labrador, Harry, who you’ll see featured on his Instagram and blog.

He started the Grey Fox Blog following retirement as a hobby to bring out his more creative side through writing and styling different looks.

And although he’s seen a huge success in his blog since starting it in 2011, he insists it is still his hobby rather than a job.

The Grey Fox's Style

One of the things we love about Foxy is the sheer range of styles he wears! He shows the older man not to be afraid of a print or some colour which we think is brilliant and something we try to achieve through our own collections.

He always looks dapper and well put together whether he’s in something casual or suited and booted. His look is so versatile and his blog is just a haven for men with similar interests!

What we love seeing on his blog are comments from men over 40, 50, 60 and so on who comment expressing that they had perhaps lost their way with style and that the Grey Fox Blog has given them the confidence to step out of their comfort zone again.

How would we dress Foxy?

We adore Foxy’s style and how he experiments with different looks regularly. What we’d love to see him in though is a pair of our super lightweight jeans.

We’ve also got an exciting range of dinner suits coming towards the end of 2019, think Bond… we think they’re right up his street!

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