I’m not a tailor!

Posted 27/09/2019 10:55


People laugh when I say I can’t sew on a button. I know I’m usually hilarious, but this is actually true. Then I get the reply: “But, you’re a tailor!” That’s when I have to explain...

I’m a designer. I’m visual. I take what’s in front of me and that's you and that's when images arrive in my head. It’s unexplainable, but I’ve already seen what you’ll look amazing in within about five minutes of talking to you.

I’m listening to your personality, I’m looking at your skin tone and I’m looking at your body shape. This on top of what you’re needing the design for. I then make decisions on what fabrics, textures and colours will work best for you.

I'm not a tailor!
I'm not a tailor!

It might not be what you had planned or, have been used to wearing, but usually, once a customer has trusted me, I’m happy to say they’re glad they did.

"Usually, Id rather I was under anaesthetic, but Alexandra makes it fun and painless!" Rory Bremner

''She helps me dress my age and doesn't bullshit me. I appreciate that!" Jason Cowley, Editor, The New Statesman

I don’t expect my customers to come in with a whole host of ideas of designs they’ve seen that they like. I’m a designer, I’m visual, so where that may be useful, I’ll usually scrap it, as why would you be seeing me in the first place?

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