One customer describes his experience with us

Posted 25/03/2015 00:00

Client Stories

Every now and then we like to check that we’re still looking after our customers and that they’re still happy with what we do.

We have asked a few of our top customers why they chose Alexandra in the first place and why they continue to do so.

Q&A with Adam Freeman, Partner of Linklaters law firm, Silk Street

Why did you choose Alexandra Wood?

I am 6ft6 and have a large, rugby type build which is difficult to tailor for, which is why I turned to bespoke initially. I was using another Tailor and they wanted to leave me with a product that didn’t fit as it should. They were very hesitant in returning to adjust the suits therefore I chose Alexandra.

She has been and remains committed to getting my suits perfect whatever it takes. Different fabrics have draped differently on me and instead of giving up, Alexandra always keeps going until it’s perfect. So now I wouldn’t use anyone as I trust her implicitly.

Why do you continue to use her?

She has the personal touch, small things like being responsive to my emails and to my tailoring needs and I completely trust her to make me the perfect suit and to not push me things I don’t want or need. She shows me the things she knows I like.

How long do your suits last?

Alexandra came to see me today and saw that a suit she made 8 years ago is still looking pretty much as good as it did the first time it was delivered.

What’s the trick to them lasting?

I keep my suits at the office. I cycle to work, so cycling with it on just isn’t practical, I always buy two pairs of trousers and I do believe that if the fit is right, that makes a big difference.

Why would you recommend Alexandra?

You know she so won’t quit until it’s perfect.