Jason Cowley

Posted 01/01/2019 12:00

Case Studies

"She has great flair and style. She is personable and never pushy. She has a great eye as well as technical expertise as a tailor."


Editor, New Statesman


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Why did you initially choose Alexandra Wood for your tailoring?

A recommendation from my wife after Alex opened a shop in Bishop’s Stortford. Previously I had suits made at Kilgour on Savile Row and the Cad & Dandy in the City. But the Cad were messing me around and I was looking for someone and somewhere new.

How long have you used Alexandra for?

A couple of years now. She has made five suits and four shirts for me. I have also bought two off-the-peg casual jackets, a pair of moleskin trousers and a rather snappy jumper. She is presently making me a pair of jeans.

What has been the biggest change/impact you’ve noticed since working with Alexandra

I am tall – 6ft 2ins – and slim, with long arms and legs and broad shoulders. She has created a style that works for me, but is not flashy or fussy. I also don’t like itchy material – and she understands this.

What does dressing well mean to you?

My father worked as a designer, merchandiser and range-builder in the clothing business – in what he used to call the “rag trade” – and was an extremely elegant and well-dressed man. I inherited my interest in fashion and clothes from him.

I’m not interested in ostentation or high fashion. I edit a national political and cultural magazine of some influence and do a lot of public events. It’s important that I dress well but simply and elegantly. I always say to Alex: “I want a suit that I could wear to a business meeting and also to a party or function.” I don’t wear ties at work unless I have to: but, especially for external meetings, I do need to be smart.

What’s important to you by way of image?

Elegance, simplicity, comfort, well-made and well-cut clothes.

What do you feel makes Alexandra Wood different?

She has great flair and style. She is personable and never pushy. She has a great eye as well as technical expertise as a tailor. She does not over-sell. She knows what works for middle aged men. Her Bishop’s Stortford shop is stylish and has a good atmosphere. We have developed a good rapport and I trust her judgement, which is essential. She won’t bullshit me – and I appreciate that!