Made to measure white shirt by Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailoring Savile Row, Shoreditch, Bishop's Stortford

Is made to measure and bespoke tailoring the same?

Made to measure is often confused with bespoke, so how is anyone meant to know the difference? We discuss…

In short, no.

A bespoke suit is hand made, hand crafted and initially made from a paper pattern, then cut to fabric for the first, basted fitting. (this means lots of stitches to lightly hold the structure together so that it’s easier to dismantle when it comes to the adjustments).

Every change is marked on your pattern, so that it will be your very own blueprint and no one else’s.

Made to measure, on the other hand is machine cut and where some parts maybe hand stitched (ie the edged stitching around the lapels) not much else would be.

Made to measure is adapted from a 38, 40” chest block and although you can manipulate the shape hugely from what used to be possible, it’s still not bespoke.

A bespoke suit is and should be much more expensive, as a huge amount of work goes into every single element. A bespoke suit is made by a number of people such as a coat maker, trouser maker, finisher etc.. This takes skill and explains why many a tailor train as long as some doctors do.

What should I be paying for bespoke?

If you’re paying around the region of £1,000-£2,000 for a bespoke suit, it’s highly likely that it’s not bespoke but made to measure. If it is this low, the person may not have high overheads, but I’d also be concerned that they would end up being paid around £6 an hour for the 300 hours it can take to make a fully bespoke suit.

Why do people market bespoke as made to measure?

The word ‘bespoke’ stands for a piece of fabric that is set aside especially for one person. It makes no reference to the techniques taken to make the suit. Therefore, as it has more appeal, a lot of people use it.

Made to measure suits really are fantastic but if you have the budget, time and an occasion, a bespoke suit is an extra special option.

Our made to measure suits start from £1,100.

Our fully bespoke suits start from £3,500.

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