How to polish your style in 10 steps

Deep down, it’s every man’s dream – getting a double take as he makes his way down a crowded street, and for all the right reasons!
It’s no secret that what a man wears and how he’s groomed has a dramatic impact on his self-confidence, his career success, even his love life. That’s not an opinion – it’s a scientific fact. A study conducted by Kelton Research shows that well-dressed men are viewed as sexier, smarter, more successful and better liked than poorly dressed men. They also fare better in relationships, according to the study.
So, you want to step up your style but you aren’t sure how?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Award-winning Savile Row Tailor Alexandra Wood and Pall Mall Barbers have joined forces to share their insider tips on how to polish your look.


How to sharpen your look in 10 steps

1. Suits: This one’s a must!

This one’s a must! Shake things up with a petrol blue suit. It is, without a doubt, the most flattering colour: soft but striking enough to make every man look stylish – truly a wardrobe must have.


2. Do ‘knot’ forget a tie

Never underestimate the power of a cleverly selected tie. A silk textured tie and or pocket square can amp up your look in an instant and lets people know that you’re a man who pays attention to detail.

3. Choose your socks wisely

Do NOT fade to black! A pop of colour can add polish and personality to any outfit while keeping you sharp and on point in the fashion stakes. Side note: novelty socks are never okay.



4. Start on the right foot and care for your shoes

The shoes you wear have a significant impact on first impressions and can destroy an otherwise stylish look. Whether smart or casual, scuffed uncared for shoes say that you’re not that bothered about your appearance.  Give them a shine and add a new pair of laces from time to time. Not sure which coloured shoes to pair with your suit? This month’s Style Doctor blog has you sorted.

5. Straighten up and say “ouch” to the slouch!

This seems obvious but men often forget about their posture. It can ruin the line of a suit or jacket.  The easiest way to get it right is to stand against a wall, roll up until all of your body is in contact with it then slowly walk away. This ensures that whatever you are wearing will look impeccable.


6. Accessories maketh the man

Achieving the level of polish that gets you noticed comes down to the smallest of details so buy the best accessories you can. Choose a pair of cufflinks that mean something to you – preferably in gold or silver – and make them your signature item. It may seem old-fashioned, but a sturdy umbrella with a wooden handle and a clean handkerchief will stand you in good stead for emergencies. You’ll be able to protect your outfit and come to the rescue of that lovely lady crossing the street!

7. Careful with the cologne

A great scent is essential (I love Aventis Creed), so find something you love wearing every day. But please don’t go overboard with the application – a light spray on dry skin is all you need. Avoid spraying it on your clothes too as it can damage delicate fabrics.

8. Confidence:  If you believe it, they will too!

There’s no point in wearing a terrific outfit if you feel self-conscious in it.  Always choose clothes that work for you and your lifestyle, skin tone and personality. If you’re in doubt, hire a good stylist: it might seem like a luxury but it could save you a fortune in the long run.

Over to you Pall Mall Barbers!

9. Tame those lovely locks

You should visit your barber every three to four weeks for a trim and tidy up. If you’re growing your hair into a new style, the shaping will ensure you to always look your best. You’ll feel great too because staying sharp gets you noticed.
Hair Styling:
Using the right styling product for your look will work wonders for you. For a slicked-back style, pomade works best as it adds shine and light hold. For a messy, undone look, use workable paste – it holds the style for longer with just a touch of shine, which is especially useful to make you look reliably unkempt.


10. Give your beard or moustache some TLC

Beards are in no danger of going out of style. But they are in danger of making you look unprofessional when hairs start to grow in different lengths. The hair growth cycle means that hairs grow at different rates, and everyday shaving keeps them down – whereas growing them into a beard you’ll find the odd random outliers more frequently. Your barber can keep your beard in tip-top shape.
Beard and Moustache Care:
Once your beard passes ‘overgrown stubble’ length, you really need to use a beard oil. The beard will draw moisture away from the skin, leaving you dry and at risk of flaking. Working a pump of oil into the beard (and skin beneath) daily will replenish that moisture, and keep your beard looking and feeling healthy.
If you’ve got a longer moustache or find that stray hairs have minds of their own, use a touch of moustache wax. Warm a small amount between the fingers and smooth over hairs, followed with a comb or twizzling the ends of your ‘mo’ into shape.