How to pack for a 36hr business trip

How & What to pack for your business trip

You’re jetting off to an important business meeting. Times running short and its all got a little frantic. How do you pack and what?

We were recently asked by Frank PR to show a group journalists and influencers how and what to pack for a short trip for a weekend arranged by Volvo for their new XC40, which has now won 2018s best SUV. Teo Van den Broeke who now works as style editor for GQ teamed with me to show them exactly how its done. We showed them exactly how to pack (video will be filmed for this shortly), what to pack and how much to pack. We explain all you need to know about packing for a short trip and as ever, if you need any advice, however, big or small, you can simply email or call. We really don’t mind 🙂

What bag do I use to pack with?

We highly recommend this Lundi bag, available from our online store. Who needs wasted time having too many bags to put into the hold. I for one like having everything in one spot, ready to go. With this bag, you have space for your laptop, pens, phone, cables and note ad and in the ‘dressing compartment’ you can pack more than the eye can imagine. We show you how in just a moment…

What should I pack in my bag?

You don’t need to pack a huge amount when going away for a 36hr trip.  You need your essentials and we’re here to show you whats best to take. If you’e on a business trip and have some downtime too, then we suggest packing the following:

  1. T-shirts – Take a couple of t-shirts. You can wear under a sweater for added warmth, or wear alone
  2. Merino sweater – Take a neutral colour so it can  go with everything
  3. Casual shoes – Take a pair of laid back shoes for having a dinner out or walking about
  4. Smart shoes- For a smart evening meal or business meeting
  5. Chinos – If you have an informal meeting, you can wear these with a shirt or wear in your downtime
  6. Suit – Take a super lightweight suit that won’t crease and will take up animal space in your bag.
  7. Shirts – Take a couple of shirts. Always take a plain white shirts and also take a smart/casual shirt
  8. Sunglasses- It really doesn’t matter whether its Summer or not, its good to take them wherever you go
  9. Couple of pairs of lightweight socks and boxers and you’re good to go
  10. Ooh and your wash bag!

Here are a few examples of what you can take:

Two pure cotton T-shirts

Two lightweight, cotton shirts By Alexandra Wood

One super lightweight, crease free Navy travel suit (You can’t go wrong here) This can be worn as a navy sports jacket too. Travel suit by Alexandra Wood

One pair of casual shoes / smart trainers by Oliver Sweeney

Leather lace up shoes




One pair of smart shoes; black or dark brown. Tan are too casual.

Selection of men's shoes

Two sets of each: Boxers & socks

One small washbag By Lundi

A pair of chinos By Alexandra Wood

A merino sweater, ideal for if the weather is cold or mild, as it adapts to your body temperature. By Johnston’s of Elgin.

Merino round neck sweater

To roll or fold

I dread rolling, so folding for us here at AW is definitely best. We’ve tried and tested both approaches and you definitely get more in by folding. by the way, if you’re trekking around the Himalayas wth your back pack, then yes, by all means roll away 😉

Why no to rolling I hear you say?

1- It doesn’t look nice

2- Its not good for the clothes

3- You can fit more in when flat packing

4- Your clothes come out the other end in a far better condition.

Need help and guidance as to what and how to pack? Check out our latest collection both in store and online for the perfect travel wardrobe. Book now for a free consultation