How to make a white shirt sexy

A white shirt is a true timeless classic for a reason: it lets your best features shine, goes with everything and will instantly make you look and feel sharper. They can also be extremely sexy. Yes, with a few tweaks, the humble white shirt has the potential to get hearts fluttering.

Here are my top tips for making a white shirt sexy

  • Make sure it fits correctly. Worn too tight with buttons stretched, or with fabric flapping around your arms and waist is a big no-no. If you aren’t sure of your correct size, visit a high-quality menswear retailer or tailor and get measured.
  • Wear with top two buttons undone. It gives you the cool, effortless je ne sais quoi possessed by film stars in black and white photographs.
  • In hot weather, roll up the sleeves. Ladies love looking at a nice pair of tanned arms! Rolling your sleeves will also help you look suitably casual if you aren’t wearing the said shirt with a suit.
  • Wear under a strikingly coloured v-neck jumper – preferably in fine merino or cashmere for ‘touchability’.
  • Wear under a simple blazer. Both items will look equally smart and can take you from work to dinner and drinks without a hitch.

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