How to get your new look today

How to get your new look today

Have you decided that 2016 is going to be the year you get a new look, or take your look more seriously? Alexandra Wood bespoke Tailoring offers her top 5 changes that you can make today.

Monsieur Jerome, Milan Fashion Week

Layering. The art to layering is that you keep the layers thin. There’s no need to add a chunky knit into the mix, as this just adds un-necessary bulk and looks more like you’re off on a country walk rather than a well defined, classic look.

. Layering with overcoatslayered up looks for men

Simplicity. If in doubt, keep it simple. Colour overload is best avoided unless you’ve really tapped into your style. Plain colours with slight texture is best. If you want to add some drama, add this with a contrast pocket square or tie.

neutralsgerard butler

Colours. No man can go wrong with a combination of Navy, grey, camel, white and even a hint of burgundy is deemed acceptable this Winter. Layering with these colours work well. Tip: If you’re slim, you can be bold and start with the lighter colour on the outside. If you’re slightly larger, its best to have darker on the outside.

burgundy navy

Posture. I cannot empathise enough how important this is. Standing up right with your stomach tucked in (if you’re sporting a steady beer belly this may not be possible of course) Tip: Stand against a wall and gently roll up, with every part of you touching the wall with your head lifted and walk away from the wall. Hey presto, perfect posture!

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