How to get a new look

New year, new you – Where to start?

Ever thought- I fancy a new look? Sometimes it’s age, weight loss, a change of career or lifestyle that can provoke this thought but either way- I’m going to make it easy for you to work out how this is going to happen…

First, there are a few questions well worth asking yourself:

1- Where do you spend most of your time? 

Do you work in a formal office environment or do you work from home?. This will help guide the chosen content of your wardrobe.

Cream double breasted coat by Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailoring Savile Row, Shoreditch, Bishop's Stortford

2- Do you like clothes that are quirky or are you more classic?

Defining your style helps to steer the items you’ll choose to buy and mean that you’ll more likely invest in a quality wardrobe you’ll enjoy for years to come.

3- What colours suit you best?

It’s a good idea to have a base wardrobe of key staples in the colours that suit you most and for most men this is: white, grey and blue. However, there are so many more colours to consider to make the most of your skin tone and looks. Green is a very overlooked colour for men, so start placing some colours against your face and see what works for you.

4- Do you always buy more for less, or less for more?

Whatever you buy- Always buy quality clothes that will last over cheap throw away items. Number 1 it’s more cost effective in the long run and 2 it helps the environment by choosing wisely and not creating unnecessary waste. 

Doing up a tie Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailoring Saville Row, Shoreditch, Bishop's Stortford

5-Do you want a full overhaul or just a few tweaks?

If you’re wanting to be more experimental with your clothes but aren’t wishing to dive right in, you could start with a few colourful pocket squares, socks and ties. Small accessories are less expensive and easier to switch in and out each season and pass onto others.

pocket squares available from Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailoring Savile Row, Shoreditch, Bishop's Stortford

6- Cut of clothes 

This is one of the most important elements. Choose a flattering cut. Look for jackets that end just at the bottom of your bottom, sleeves that stop at your wrist bone and styles that hug your frame but don’t ever choose clothes that are too snug or too loose. Neither flatter!

Creating your fresh new image is what we do best. We look at your lifestyle, body shape and preferences, to create you a desirable, workable wardrobe for life. To start your tailored wardrobe why not contact us now.

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