How to dress when you’re slight


How to dress when you’re slight.

Most people would probably think it would be ideal to be super slim, but when it comes to getting the right fit and creating the right shape in clothing, it can be a little tricky.

What is important is that it is not over emphasised. I am going to run through the top things you should be avoiding and what you should be buying.

First of all, ditch skinny lapels, this will only emphasise the problem. Instead, opt for standard width lapels that will help draw the eye outwards and balance you out.

As with accessories, keep to a standard width tie to keep in line with the standard width lapels.

When choosing colours, it’s best to choose ones with some warmth (a mid blue) and something with texture. If you wear a flat colour, this won’t help.

Shoulders on a suit. I’m usually a massive advocate to have shoulder seams that are inline with the end of your shoulder. However, on this one occasion, it is the only time I recommend going a touch wider and using the help of extra padding and no, I’m not talking Miami vice style. This will help give the illusion that you are wider at the top than you are and allows to create more of a curve on your waist, which will only be super flattering.

Being slim you can play with the on trend ‘layering’. If you’re wearing a blazer, you can add a V-neck sweater with a shirt underneath. The layering helps to create more depth to the look and making you look more fuller framed than you are.

The jacket style to choose is a single breasted jacket, it will sit at the right part of your body to work well.

layering up for menlayering

The main things to remember are:

Add texture, fabrics that aren’t flat and one dimensional.

Add layering, V-necks, round necks with T-shirts or shirts are ideal.

Mix colours, starting with dark on the outside and light inside or the other way round.

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