How to dress over the age of 40

How to dress over the age of 40

After your 40’s you reach that age where finding the right things to wear is not easy. You may be trying to keep up with fashion trends, but also trying to stay true to your own style and preference of dressing. Both can prove to be difficult. However, it is important that you look good in every situation, as you never know what could arise, or who’s watching you.  Two things can happen when you reach your 40s. One: you either completely lose your way and start mixing items from your younger years, blended with a few new items you think you should start wearing, or the other alternative, which is to start avidly reading mens style magazines and purchasing everything in them, only to look like a parody of your former self.

What to do when you hit 40?

Plan. Just as you would plan your work, your holiday or your weekend. Do the same with your wardrobe. Think about what you spend most of your time doing during the week, then on the weekend and any major social/sporting events you may have coming up in the next few months. Men are notorious for leaving things last minute, so the sooner you plan, the better.

People make assumptions on you purely based on what you wear, so what would you like your first impression to be?

There are many a celebrity over 40 who seemingly know how to dress, which may be due to their stylist or just good fashion sense. Take David Beckham for example, after his football career, his attentions turned to his family, but his style never slipped. A clean sports jacket and trousers or a well fitted, well cut suit is the way to go if ever in doubt.

So how should you dress?

Finding what works for you is very important. Baggy suits, oversized ties and shoes that don’t match what you’re wearing is a big no no, but hopefully you know that already or you definitely need me on speed dial. Take Donald Trump for example, his style is a golden rule of what not to opt for; his suits are too big for him, his ties do not normally match and neither do his belt or shoes. His suit colours are too harsh for his colouring and aren’t the best colours for him in terms of warming those to him. Another subject which I’m passionate about.

Here are some easy ways to choose the right clothing for you:

  • Find the right shoulder fit first. Your shoulder line should be gently hugging and replicate a right angle.
  • Ensure your trouser rise isn’t too high, with too much fabric this can look ageing and sloppy.
  • Invest in quality clothing, with the theory less is more being your guide
  • Have a couple of super sharp suits in your wardrobe ready for important meetings
  • If you like to wear jeans, make sure they’re fitted, dark and with no fading
  • Experiment with ties, with textures, rich colours. If in doubt opt for subtle over wacky
  • Choose a variety of colours. Softer blues, mid greys and earthy tones tend to look better as you age
  • Fit is key, there’s a perfect balance between too fitted and sloppy
  • Be prepared: Consider your lifestyle and be ready to go, as and when you need certain items of clothing
  • Never forget your basics: white crew neck t-shirts, merino sweaters, chunky knits, a couple of coat options such as an overcoat and pea coat, fitted trousers, sports jackets, suits, quality shirts and an assortment of classic ties and accessories

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