How to dress like you mean business

How to dress like you mean business

Imagine walking to work in jeans and a T-shirt. Feels comfortable and un-confined but does it feel or look smart? No. In a casual environment, it works. In a business environment, where, let’s face it, impression is everything, it doesn’t.

There is a saying that people make an assumption about you, based purely on the way you’re dressed within the first 30 seconds. I probably do it within 10, the meany that I am. I immediately pick up on sleeves that are too long, trousers that have far too many creases and jackets that are ill fitting.

Here are 5 sure fire ways to be well on your way to making your look as successful as you:

Fabric-  The best fabric to choose when you’re wanting a business suit that is built to last would be a pure wool between 11-12oz. Matt in appearance, highly durable and will give you structure.

Choose a fabric that is too light and floaty, the sharp business look will be lost.

Less is more, fabric that is flowing around the body is not a good look.

Colours- You can’t go wrong with the following in your business wardrobe. A mid grey with texture, mid blue/navy, a subtle plaid design, petrol blue. You’ll have a nice, simple, classic range of colours that complement most skin tones.

Cut- The shoulders should always be perfectly aligned with the armhole. Not hugging too tightly nor hanging off. There should be a subtle curve on the waist, (this is usually, don’t hold me to it) the slimmest area on the body and should most certainly accentuate your frame. Slim fitting, not tight and never loose.

Style- A single breasted jacket with two buttons is the most flattering on all body shapes. Tapered trousers always add to helping anyone look slimmer. A standard lapel is generally best, as a slim lapel can look a little too trendy and anything that distracts isn’t great.

Shoes- Sleek shoes that are well polished, with a smooth Italian, slightly rounded toe is best. Avoid chunky shoes, with a high sole that comes out on the sides. It distracts from a nice suit. By keeping the shoes streamline, this keeps in line with the tapered trousers, therefore accentuating the length of your legs.

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