Enjoying the match at Wimbledon

How to dress for Wimbledon: VIPs vs the grass

It’s one of the most anticipated sport, and social, events in the UK; and positively encourages the excessive quaffing of Pimm’s, champagne, and strawberries and cream. Yes, you guessed it – Wimbledon is on. Steeped in tennis history and tradition, dressing the part for Wimbledon is as important now as it ever was.

Unless you’re a player, the Wimbledon 2017 website doesn’t specify any particular dress code, however, if you are entertaining/being entertained in the member’s area of the All England Tennis Club, a suit is necessary. There were rumours that this dress code was relaxed somewhat, but a blazer and tie or beautiful suit is the most appropriate option. I recommend applying the same to any of the corporate hospitality areas; although you can probably forgo the tie should your hosts be more casually inclined. You may like to wander outside without the hassle of carrying your jacket, in which case Debentures holders have access to a cloakroom.

If you’re planning on spectating from the stands of the courts themselves, keep it smart casual, so no jeans, no tennis shoes, no sandals, no shorts, no caps and no flip flops.

A message to those of you picnicking on the grass: please choose an outfit that doesn’t make you look like a haphazard English gent who’s shocked by summer’s sudden, but welcome appearance. By this, I mean a t-shirt and cargo shorts – an item of clothing that I firmly believe should be banned from the face of the earth (especially when worn with socks!). If you are thinking of shorts, ensure they are tailored and slim-fitting, and pair with a long or smart short-sleeve button-down shirt in a cotton/linen blend to keep you cool throughout the day. The weather can, and will, change, so don’t forget your hat (not a cap), and umbrella.

Wimbledon is quintessentially British, so keep colours classic: think crisp white, navy and sand. Pastels will do you no harm either, but rarely will you see someone in some vibrant, outlandish colours. It’s a time to look subtly ‘summery’, not tropical. I fully advocate 100 percent cotton fabrics however linen, no matter how hard you try, will always look a crumpled mess.

Staying in London for the event? Now your attire is sorted, you’ll need to know how to pack your blazer and tie without inflicting hundreds of little creases on them.  An easy way to do this is to unbutton the jacket and place ‘front down’. Pop the left shoulder inside out and fold the jacket in half, tucking the right shoulder inside the left. The outside of the jacket is now protected and you can fold it in half or roll it up to put in your suitcase. The UK Business Insider website has a great step-by-step diagram, or refer to this YouTube video for other ideas. For the tie, roll it up and place it in the heel of one of your shoes.

You’re now ready to ace one of the best days out England has to offer. Game. Set. Match.