How to care for your bespoke suit

How to care for your bespoke suit

We are often asked how one should look after their bespoke and made to measure suits. It’s a good question, as one may simply think that you take your suit/s to a dry cleaner and job done. However, there are many answers to this question.

Dry cleaning

There are a lot of dry cleaners and they can vary. For example, some are eco-friendly and use non harsh products (In my view, these are the best types of dry cleaners.) Number one, they are just that: eco friendly and number two: their products wont damage the delicate nature of the natural fibres used in a bespoke suit.

I’m often asked which is the best dry cleaners to use, however, we have to be very careful on this subject and advise that you ask your dry cleaners the following questions:

1- What products do you use for cleaning suits

2– What is the process you use

3- Is it the best way to clean my suit made from….

4- Do you clean out and empty the vats used daily

A build up of products over night can be lethal to your suit and create irreparable damage.

Cleaning aside, even though you may assume that you need to regularly clean your suit, this is not always necessary. If you have a good selection. (We tend to advise a minimum of 5 good suits in your wardrobe) You can then rotate and protect your suits. A suit should be worn for one day, aired for two and repeat on the rest of your suits accordingly. Two pairs of trousers also always help when trying to elongate the life of your suit.

As tailors we advise that you only dry clean your suit twice a year, as the more you wear a bespoke suit the better it looks as it moulds to your body.

Spot cleaning 

Spot cleaning is absolutely fine and a fine spritz of Febreeze to give it a little lift. Dry cleaners can also offer this service to you and its not always necessary to have it fully dry cleaned.

Use a soft, clean sponge with flat surfaces (so you don’t have any fluff come off on your suit)

Other protection

Do wear a good overcoat or mac over the top of your suit. Our best picks are Blue daddy mac  Double breasted brown covert coat They will help protect your suit against the harsh carpet like chair fabrics on tubes and trains. All of our fabrics are quality tested, so that they show no signs of damage over 64’000 rubs but its always best to protect your suit where possible.

Hanging your suit

Fold your trousers crease to crease, with the fly open and hang them on a hanger with a grip, to stop them slipping off and slumping to the ground.

Another tip is to always use a broad suit hanger and never a flat one, this will make your suit look flat and lack lustre.

Moth care

Be careful of those moths come summer time, they can be lethal. Our best advice is to purchase a moth alarm

These are the most certainly the most effective form of protecting your suits if you are prone to moths.


If you need any more guidance on style and care, please contact us here