How to buy a bespoke suit

How to buy a bespoke suit

In our final Part 5 we discuss how important it is to have a fully trained Tailor when deciding to buy a suit and a final summary.


Measurements are vital to making a suit of course. In my view, however, just as important is knowing how to balance the body with these measurements and tweaking them in a way that works.

If you find a good tailor they will know how to do this. Just measuring isn’t enough, because you must understand the tricks to making a body look balanced and to enhance the good and disguise the (well, not so good)

For example:

If you are a large man, you probably have a smaller chest measurement then your jacket waist measurement and your trouser waist would then be smaller again. This probably causes problems with buying an off the peg suit, however, it can also cause the same problem with a un-skilled or un-trained Tailor.

Now I have all this information, how do I choose which Tailor to make my suit-

Firstly, if you’ve decided that you want a cheap/reasonably priced suit then it’s probably best to go for a larger company who are offering special deals. Larger companies can be more competitive with their pricing as they’re relying on volumes.

If you have decided that you want to buy a bespoke suit, then look for a Tailor who offers suits in the price range you are happy with and check that they can make the suit that you want, or that they can give you good advice.

If you are wanting to build a quality wardrobe, choosing someone you can trust and enjoy working with is advisable. That way the Tailor understands what you want to achieve long term and will work with you.

Written by Alexandra Wood