How to be colour confident this Spring/Summer

How to be colour confident this Spring/Summer

Spring is nearly here. Ok, so it’s still mighty cold but we can always dream… Here we talk about how to make the most out of those bold brights which are illuminating our streets.

It seems you guys are getting more colour confident with head to toe brights. Our hats at Alexandra Wood are off to you. For this look to be a success ensure you select a jacket with a strong lapel and rounded edges. Pair with a white shirt, wear buttoned right up to the top during the day, whereas after hours, make sure you let loose, undo a few buttons for a more relaxed look and feel.

Also spotted trending this month is miss matched bottle green jackets with purple corduroys, mainly donned by London’s silver fox gents. For this look to work it is vital to get the fit right. For example try a slim fitting jacket and straight legged trousers. Whilst you’re going for it, why not add a cheeky cravat? Keep the rest neutral or else it’s colour over kill! Pair with a crisp white or charcoal black shirt and classic brown or black brogues. To accessorise add a boss briefcase, a timeless wristwatch plus some suave frames and you’re good to go. When wearing a white shirt this month we at AW are setting you a colour combination challenge. We would like to see the following mismatched shades tried and tested.

Over to you chaps, best of luck.

• Brown tailored blazers plus red trousers.

• Bright blue or navy jackets worn with emerald green slacks.

• A yellow jacket paired with grey straight legged denim.


Words by Jasmine Ives-Keeler