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How to hide that Christmas bulge

Over-indulged in December? Here’s how to hide that Christmas weight gain before anyone notices

Christmas was brilliant: I enjoyed drinking Baileys at 11 am with no feelings of guilt and celebrating every customer coming in on a Saturday with a glass of bubbly, or two. But now its January and the work-out DVDs are out, Dryanuary has started and I can no longer justify drinking every cocktail placed in my path. What’s more, my waistline is rebelling. So what should you wear when your Christmas indulgences have caught up with you?

Navy textured blazer
Navy textured blazer
  • Wear darker colours on top – they always hide more sins than light colours. But steer away from shiny adornments, for example, consider a navy blazer, minus the gold buttons.
  • Layer up. Its winter so now it’s the perfect time to pull out a merino wool sweater. Our midnight blue version available in store and online is a great colour to give you a little lift without being too bright.
  • Choose a longer line jacket. I’m not a fan of shorter jackets (this post explains why), and if you’re a little heavier around the hips all this does is draw attention to the area. A jacket should sit just under the buttocks.
  • Go for a slightly lighter trouser on the bottom half. (Just to clarify, I don’t mean white.) A shade or two lighter than your usual colour will draw the attention to your lower half which is ideal.
  • Always opt for a waisted jacket. It creates the illusion of definition.

You could always train hard and go for the Tom Brady bod, but my tips will save you this aggravation, I assure you.

For more tips on how to dress sharply for this time of year and feel great, read my post Trans-seasonal layering: the key to conquering weather madness.

Happy new year.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash