Getting ready for grooms: your 12-month wedding planner

While there is no shortage of information and timelines for brides, as a groom you may feel like you have been left in the dark about how to approach your wedding, particularly when it comes to grooming, fitness, suits and accessories.

Together with accessories experts Mr Jenks and fitness coach Kemo Marriott (founder of Holistic Motions), I have compiled a simple 12-month planner to take you through the essential tasks you’ll need to complete before the big day.

12 Months Before


  • Talk to your fiancé so you are clear on what style the wedding will be (e.g. vintage, modern), what the colour theme is, and what you’d like to wear. Then start researching in magazines and online. (Tip: don’t limit yourself to wedding publications for inspiration.)
  • If you are planning on hiring your suit, it is best to book in a year in advance. Assuming you have already decided on who your groomsmen are, get an appointment in the diary.
  • If you would like to have bespoke suits made, book this in now as it is a lengthier process than made-to-measure.


  • Forget about looking great for your wedding – think about looking great for the next five years! Use this as an opportunity to kick-start a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Start getting active now. Cardiovascular exercise terribly effective for fat loss isn’t, but staying constantly active throughout the day has a huge effect on your metabolism. Walk more often, take the stairs and do more active chores (vacuuming, gardening).
  • Prioritise Protein in every meal. It boosts the release of satiety neurotransmitters which tell you not to overeat. It also forms the building blocks of muscle and helps to build and preserve muscle mass.


6 Months Before

Make sure you have booked your hire suits and have appointments planned for fittings.

Start using resistance training to improve your body composition and increase your muscle mass to contribute to elevating your metabolism.

Now is the time to try out a different hairstyle as you’ll have enough time to grow your hair out if it doesn’t work.


  • When you know the style and colour of your suit you can consider which accessories you’d like. The suit colour will determine which pocket square and tie material will match.
  • A pocket square is an accessory that can add sophistication, show your personal style and complete any look. A classic fabric choice is Paisley – an elegant pattern that will never go out of style! A crisp white pocket square is recommended for a black-tie wedding. And yes, it can be worn together with the boutonniere (button hole)!


4 Months Before

Book now if you would like to have a made-to-measure suit made.

Involve your partner – it has been shown to increase your bond and there’s no better way to be accountable. Find an activity class that you can schedule to do once or twice per week and lock it into your calendar.


3 months before

Have a test run of the hairstyle you’d like on the day. It is useful to provide your hairdresser (and groomsmen) with photos.

If you need to order any items online (e.g. shoes, ties, cufflinks) do so now so that you have plenty of time to return and exchange items if they aren’t right.


1 month before


  • You will be incredibly busy the week before the wedding, so consider having certain grooming treatments now like teeth whitening or a facial.
  • Ensure you have final appointments booked for straight-razor shaves and haircuts for yourself and your groomsmen.
  • Test growing your ‘stubble’ if you are going for that look. You will need to know how long it takes to grow the perfect length.


  • Ensure that you and your groomsmen have your shoes, shirt and accessories (if purchasing separately).
  • Consider purchasing two shirts. It’s a long day and sometimes it’s quite nice to have a freshen up in the evening.


1 week before


  • Have any waxing done now to ensure all redness has disappeared by the big day (e.g. eyebrows, or perhaps your chest for that beach honeymoon!).
  • Have your final haircut.

Day before


  • If renting your suits, you will pick them up today. Try on all pieces as soon as you get them – very occasionally something may need tweaking.
  • Ensure that you and your groomsmen have all of the correct accessories (pocket squares, socks, cufflinks, ties, braces, belts).
  • Ensure your shirt is pressed.


  • Have a manicure. Your hands will be on show, so either book in for a professional treatment or DIY by filing, cleaning, pushing back your cuticles and applying cuticle oil.
  • Treat yourself and your groomsmen to a professional straight-razor shave or beard/moustache trim.


On the day

Style your hair. Double-check your nails. Keep your breath fresh with mints. And don’t go overboard with cologne – a little spritz is all you need!

Fold your pocket square. There are many different folds however a classic and elegant choice for the groom is the Presidential Fold. Alternatively, to create a more casual look, the Puff Fold works well.

And most importantly of all – enjoy this special day with your new bride. Congratulations!