Find out what’s on trend for A/W 16/17

The London Men’s Collections is becoming more of a poignant feature on the Fashion Calendar and it’s clear that Men are more interested in Fashion today, more so  than ever before and the Industry is taking note.

It’s normal to see a number of outrageous, un-wearable designs from all collections, ones that show the super fashionable end of the spectrum, rather than wearable from day to day.  However, this year the collections have focused much more on practicality.

Fashion shows are there to be watered down and then worked in your own way.  Applying every look from the catwalk can look over contrived and if the person wearing it looks and feels self conscious then it shows in an instant.

“As much as envelope-pushers like J.W. Anderson are continuing to unpick traditional notions of gender through fashion, there’s a large camp of designers holding fast to the belief that outfitting Men is a matter that’s more function, less flounce.” Fashion Beans

Here, I take a look at some of the new seasons trends and offer you a practical way to wear each piece and an alternative.

1) Utilitarian –

Think Khaki Gillets and parkas with pockets a plenty.

If this sounds like you’d be desperately  trying to look like Liam Gallagher, fear not. Our alternative is to opt for an above the knee length khaki trench/rain coat, to give a nod to the colour of the season while looking more Tailored and chic. Less fabric, fresh colours and still with plenty of  pockets, this is an ideal piece for the season.

ACCESSORISING – Contrast coloured cashmere scarf, v-neck merino sweater and crisp white T-shirt.

2) Body Warmers

The body warmer is back, from waterproof and padded, to heavy cotton with patch pockets, this style is coming back with vengeance. This is a very outdoorsy look, which is ideal to keep your arms cool and your body warm while walking the dog or out for a country walk to the pub.

My advice for those who don’t feel like this trend is for them, would be to choose a thicker, low cut, classic flannel waistcoat. This way you can wear a t-shirt and blazer and go for more of a casual look with a little bit of suave mixed in.

3) Earth Tones

This Season you will see lots of earthy tones such as Ochre, Khaki, sand, beige and burnt orange.

It’s very important to choose a colour or shade that works with your skin tone, rather than being overly disciplined to the colours of the season; especially if they just don’t work for you.

The ideal way to add colour to your wardrobe, (without feeling too over the top), is to add a fine knit sweater, scarf or shirt in one of the colours above. These items are more interchangeable with other pieces in your wardrobe too.

4) Cardigans

This could well make you want to zoom straight to the next and final style, but fear not. This can work. Simply push aside the idea of Granny’s heavy, patterned knit and all shall be well. This year’s cardi focus is the shawl collared style. My advice would to be to wear soft coloured cardis or neutrals like mid greys and navy’s. Go for patterned or a vibrant colour and this will look far too contrived and definitely look like you’ve just got it out for a Christmas party joke!

Wear with a crisp, white t-shirt with a pair of slim fit chinos for more of a casual look.

If this still doesn’t wash with you, then a v-neck or crew neck sweater will work just fine. This way you can also add a blazer over the top, which you’d struggle to with a chunky knit cardigan.

5) Shearlings back. Don’t worry- my immediate assumption was that this would mean Biggles was back in town. Leave the flying goggles at home and all will be fine.

If this still doesn’t sit well with you, adding just a hint of fur to the collar of your peacoat  or denim jacket is the ideal way to give a gentle nod to this trend. What’s more, if you make it so that it’s removable, you can either take it off or add another on, such as velvet.

Need more style tips? Just come in and ask or simply drop us a line.

See you soon,