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Alexandra Wood Personal Styling Session

Written by Mark Bonnington, Fashion Beans

Like many of the younger generation, I’m sure the notion of Savile Row conjures up images of stern-faced tailors sporting a mouthful of pins, a tape measure and the attitude of a baited bear.

Yet a personal styling session at Alexandra Wood turns out to be anything but, and is certainly recommended for any fashion-conscious man about town. A friendly coffee with the smiling Alexandra Wood, and you are made to feel absolutely at ease.

“We’re well aware that most men don’t savour shopping” she tells me, “so at Alexandra Wood we take pride in making the shopping experience fun and educational for the customer, putting them at the centre.”

Initial questions are entirely personal, revolving around your own colour preferences, lifestyle and fashion icons. Expert eyes can quickly ascertain which styles, cuts and fabrics will suit you best, taking into account height, weight, build, skin tone and hair. Alexandra Wood are also happy to be involved as much or as little as they are required – a full makeover will cover shoes, barbering, ties and pocket squares as well as tailored suits.

A single session takes around an hour, and after careful analysing customers will be sent the results of their interview within the week – a collection of fabrics and colours chosen by the experts at Alexandra Wood which forms your own personal style guide.

Accompanying the cuts are hand-written notes, which carefully explain why each was chosen, how they can be applied to current season trends and why they will personally suit you.

“Our aim is to make each and every customer feel special” Alexandra finishes by telling me. “We don’t aim for one-off sales, we aim to build a lifetime relationship.”

Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailoring is located at 9/10 Savile Row, London.

Alexandra Wood Personal Styling Session

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