How to create the best business wardrobe

How to create the best business wardrobe

Alexandra’s guide to the ideal men’s working wardrobe

The suits to choose

Without a doubt there has to be a blue suit. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a massive advocate for blue. It’s a friendly, warm colour and makes men look more youthful.

Greys work for a slightly more grown up, classic business look.

As a starting point for blue suits, go for a petrol blue. Instantly youthful, a little more carefree and you can dress up or down as you please.

A solid navy. You can either make this look super sharp by accessorising with a pocket square and beautiful silk tie, or wear with an open neck white shirt and jeans for a laid back look after work or on the weekend.

A grey, plaid three piece suit. For me this is a must have. It looks clean, timeless and classy. Keep it simple with a pale blue or white shirt or add a colourful tie and contrast pocket square.

Mid grey with texture. Not only will it last longer, it looks less flat than a plain, smooth charcoal.

Blue herringbone, looks smart and sophisticated. Works best with warm accessory colours.

You should have a suit for each day of the week. 5 suits, 10 shirts, a selection of colourful ties and pocket squares. Black, chocolate and tan shoes and you’re all set to look sharper than ever.


Crisp white shirts in solid fabrics such as an Oxford with a stiff collar & cuffs.

Don’t wear a sharp suit and wear sloppy shirts that let it down. Even with casual blazers, a sharp fitted shirt brings it to life.


The three colours must haves are:

  •  Black
  • Chocolate brown
  • Tan

Keep the toe smooth and slightly rounded. Don’t choose clumpy and don’t choose over pointy. It doesn’t work. The soles of the shoe should be slim and not chunky. With the toe being slender, not round or overly pointed.

You can have an effective wardrobe that takes classic suits to weekend wear, to make the most out of your suits. Let us help you create the perfect business wardrobe by contacting us on 0203 369 8969 or emailing us at