How to choose a Tailored suit with so much choice

How to choose a Tailored suit with so much choice

In Part 4 we offer you advice on which fabrics are best to choose for your Tailored suit


There are so many glorious fabrics out there now and some pretty clever ones too. Want a fabric that literally bounces back after throwing it in a suitcase or to look like a glittery disco ball, it’s all pretty much available now.

Wondering why a suit is cheap, it’s probably one of these reasons-

Cheap fabrics bought in bulk

  1. The suits are made abroad
  2. The construction (canvas) inside the suit is thin and fused by glue
  3. The Tailor is not interested in making any money and is making tour suit for love. This last one is highly unlikely so considering the rest is worth a good think.

Again, it’s important to choose a fabric fit for purpose.

A general guide would be:

  • Business suit customers should choose 10oz+ – 14oz to be robust enough for everyday use.
  • Special occasions and one off business meetings, can opt for the above and more luxurious fabrics ranging from 10oz+ in super 120s-140s max
  • One off or special occasions, then the world is your oyster and anything above a Super 120’s is advisable for quality.
  • Linings. Choose a viscose lining. I know this is like choosing a polyester for a suit but for the lining, resilience is key. It’s next to your body so takes a lot on.
  • Silk looks beautiful and by all means if you want a delicate suit that looks a dream please choose it but I wouldn’t say it was overly practical.