How to choose the best Tailored suit

How to choose the best tailored suit

In Part 3 we talk about what you should expect from a Tailored/Bespoke service and about what style of suit wearer you are.


I don’t mean just how much attention is given to the actual suit, but the attention you will be given via communication from your tailor in way of calling or emailing you back and their level of efficiency. The customer should be of great importance. A customer is excited about their suit, so I think it’s wise to choose a tailor that shares that with you.

Your Style

Do you like super trendy or classic and conventional?

If you like the former, I’d look for a Tailor who is clearly a fashion follower, who has a clear ‘style’ that you like and can translate what you want into a suit.

Everyone’s different, it’s important to choose a Tailor who understands what you want. Customers are keen to be offered professional advice. What they think they want, may not always suit them. A tailor should intrinsically know what will work on someone and what won’t and offer that advice without pushing it upon someone.

Men’s fashion used to be notoriously slower moving than Women’s. Now, Men take their fashion just as seriously. Now we see hipsters and their shorter trouser and jacket lengths. Classic and conventional suit wearers keeping it traditional with a pair of colourful stripy socks and a colourful tie and matching pocket square to say, although a classic dresser, I do also have a personality. Peak lapels giving a hardy nod to Clark Gable are popular too. So really, if you’re asking what’s in then it’s just about everything. The question is, how do you want to be perceived and what is the occasion and occupation you are wearing your suit for.

Written by Alexandra Wood