Celebrity style watch – Harrison Ford

Celebrity style watch – Harrison Ford

H Ford image

This month at Alexandra Wood we spy with our little eye a talented American actor and film director. Who first gained stardom when starring in the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Any guesses yet? His recent appearance starring alongside his faithful side kick chewy in The Force Awakens brought him to our attention. None other than, Mr Harrison Ford. As much as we’d like to discuss Han Solo’s lightsaber battle techniques, we’re here to investigate Harrison’s style, and how he’s managed to be on trend since 1982. How to be a Jedi in the boardroom, beat those pesky stormtroopers and defeat Darth Vader. The essentials include; tailored jackets, fitted straight trousers and sharp shirts with optional accessories.

H Ford casual 2Harrison Ford

First of a why not try a total Harrison classic, grey on grey. Which looks great with a winter tan too. The outfit ingredients include a gunmetal tweed jacket and matching trousers, paired with a soft slate, cotton shirt. To accessorise add a black bow tie, black gloss, patent, dress shoes and round glasses. Another of Mr Ford’s tricks is similar spectrum suiting. Which involves choosing to wear colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel.

A very recent example includes a lilac and navy, ensemble. Which if you happen to be a silver fox too, work it! Trust us. It’s easy all you need is one navy suit plus a lilac shirt and you’re good to go, quick time.

Harrison Ford blue suitHarrison Ford with glasses

Harrison’s smart casual is so 2016… It’s unbelievable how his historical style, is current. To get this very look. Simply pair a taupe shirt with a navy jacket and blue straight legged jeans, throw on a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses & style your hair to the side. Optional extras include brown brogues and stubble. Another Harrison casual combo worth taking for a test ride is a jet black polo, worn over blue jeans & brown loafers. Be warned, wear with a tan and all the fairest Princess Leia’s of the land will be running through the hills to be your girl.

H Ford casualHarrison Ford

Here at Alexandra Wood if we were given the chance to dress Harrison ourselves we would love him to try on; a sage green shirt, worn unbuttoned. Under a dark gunmetal, grey tailored jacket, paired with his original favourite and staple, blue jeans. Accessorised with futuristic shades for old times sake.

It has to be said, let the (fashion) force be with you.

Words by Jasmine Ives-Keeler