A British bespoke suit

A classic British suit – The top 8 features

  1. The shoulders should neither be too narrow or to wide, but slightly hug the shoulders
  2. Shoulders should be padded to add structure, rather than bulk
  3. There should be a sharp 90 degree right angle between the shoulder and the sleeve of the suit
  4. The waist should show off your shape, with a curve and a slight flare over the hips
  5. The length of the coat should be proportional to your height
  6. Traditionally, British suits feature side vents with slightly slanted pockets
  7. Flat fronted trousers suit slim builds. Where pleated trousers are generally more comfortable for most. A forward pointing pleat is a Savile Row feature.
  8. Trousers should break slightly at the front, but not at the back. As a general rule, turn ups do not suit the line of a single breasted suit, but work well with double breasted.