Be bright & Bold – Our tips on how to wear a suit with colour

All things bright and beautiful!

This post is for the slightly more adventurous man. Ok, brave and bold man. However, this isn’t to say that shyer types can’t take ownership of some colour in their life.

  • Colour is playing a much bigger part in Mens wardrobes. Men are getting braver with bright coloured socks, wild ties and pocket squares and it seems the colour bug is spreading to the whole suit.
  • Take a look at our fave pics directly from the catwalk!
  • Wear full blown colour, with a bright coloured shirt or a crisp white shirt that will make the colour pop.
  • Alternatively, wear a bright blazer and wear an indigo pair of jeans to soften the look and add tan shoes and a briefcase to show you mean business

pink suit, will smith Blue tones bright pink suit