The Bond Age V

The final Bond

Another one in our little series – Yes, there has been a bit of a gap but don’t you know good things come to those who wait.

Taking over from Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton was the next to portrait our masterspy and who would have thought that having been approached several times, Dalton didn’t feel good enough to take over from the one and only Sean Connery. Only doing two films as 007, he would then move on to play the Southern man of men, Rhett Butler.

In his time as Bond, he moved away from the more light-hearted approach of his predecessor and gave us a first glimpse of a darker and more serious spy.

He managed the usual effortless suave style we expect from James in any dinner suit but also made us ladies hot under the collar donning a light suit with a crisp white shirt and no tie! A man faultlessly dressed at every occasion, although one small thing does not go unnoticed for the fashionistas here – what was it about the constant bed hair?

Following a drawn out lawsuit that saw Dalton take his hat, the one and only Pierce Brosnan took on the legacy of the masterspy. He burst on our screens with femme fatale Famke on his side – who could ever forget her man crushing thighs?

Brosnan first caught the producers eye in a much earlier Bond, because his late wife Cassandra was in the film but due to contracts, commitments and other upheavals, it would be 14 years from this initial meeting that he would become Bond – he must have made quite an impression!

Aside from sporting the obligatory dinner suit, this Bond also donned a number of three pieces, not only fully booted and suited but also tres legere without tie and jacket and a couple of buttons undone – unconventional maybe but none the less a looker! Pierce even made a turtleneck look incredibly hot, not something that can be said of many men.

Always a good sport, he has voiced his firm opinion that his successor Craig will make a very memorable Bond indeed.