The Bond Age IV

The well dressed, not so known Bond!

I am feeling daring today, so let’s talk about two rather obscure Bonds – one of them so obscure indeed I have so far not managed to find a picture of him as Bond at all! However, he has always been so well dressed I think he deserves to be mentioned. Christopher Cazenove (yes, I know what you are thinking but I assure you there is no connection to the Italian ladies man!) portrayed the master spy in the BBC’s 73 feature “The British Hero”. I can see the question mark over your head. Ben Carrington from Dynasty maybe? Yes him! He has given us a lot of aristocratic characters in his time and it is fair to say he had a very subtle but none the less impeccable style about him. Whether a simple two piece suit or the full morning frock works, he managed to get the ladies hot under the collar and the gents slightly green with envy.

Not so much obscure but rather a spoofy spook, David Niven gave us another Bond in the slapstick Casino Royale. Did you know that Fleming actually mentions Niven by name in not one but two of his novels, even referring to him as the only gentleman in Hollywood? Bond was also fond about the thought of Niven frequenting a certain ski resort in Switzerland. Always dressed to kill, he donned some fabulous everyday suits and ties, as well as the obligatory sharp look when putting on his dinner jacket, not only as Bond but also throughout his career. Every inch the English gentleman, he looked just as good in a simple two piece – always fitting like a glove – as he did in a Victorian aristocrat’s outfit. Which by the way is to a degree mirrored in the look and design of some of our overcoats; just goes to show that style is timeless indeed.