Blue wedding suit inspiration

 Blue wedding suit inspiration

All Hues of Blue for your wedding suit-

Blue is an ever growing popular colour and I can tell you why. This colour makes anyone look instantly younger, fresher and softer. It also looks rather sophisticated and accessorised differently, you can wear it again and again… (shhhhh!)

Proven by a survey ran by BMI, this colour was chosen to be the colour of trust. Someone wearing a blue suit, people warm to them far more than any other colour.

This is why it’s a great choice for a wedding suit.

Choose dark navy for a smart, slick look for Autumn/Winter or a fresh, pastel blue, which is very popular at the moment and works well with the vintage vibe, for spring/summer.

Navy looks great with rich coloured ties and pocket squares, making the whole look a little more opulent. Whereas the soft pastel blues add more of a fun and playful look.

There are so many incredible blues available at the moment and don’t just think of wool when it comes to suits. There are some incredible fabrics, one of which is a wool, mixed with silk and cashmere. Beautiful sheen, smooth to the touch and elegant to wear.

Tip: If your bride is wearing white, it’s best to team it with a dark or mid blue navy. If she’s wearing ivory then softer shades work better.

Here are a few examples of blue suits.

Three piece navy wedding suitBlue wedding suit 2blue wedding suitJohn Moruzzi