The best suit and tie combinations for Men

The best suit and tie combinations for Men

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You’ve got the suit sorted, now it’s time to piece the shirt and tie together. Sometimes this is where it can all go horribly wrong. Whether it’s a selection of ties bought for you by well meaning relatives or a little colour blindness added with ill fitting, overly patterned shirts that don’t do your suit any justice.

Let us put you on the straight and narrow. As ever, the keep it clean and simple rule is generally best.

What to look for in a tie

Silk. A tie must always be silk, quality is key here. After all most eyes will drift there, so it’s important to make the right impression.

Classic width. My personal opinion is that a classic width tie looks most professional.  If you’re particularly slim and wear suits with slender lapels, then this is acceptable. However, for classically fitted suits, standard width is best.

Plain. A shade darker or lighter than your suit works best. Texture also works well. If you’re going for patterns, small spots or subtle is best. Overly patterned and you run the risk of looking a little pretentious or someone who can’t be taken seriously.

What to look for in a shirt

Fit. You have a beautifully fitted suit, please don’t let it down with an ill fitting shirt. If you wear a shirt that is too big, it gathers and all the excess fabric pushes towards the front, making it look a hot mess. Rule #1 Fitted is key, with darts at the back to create more shirt.

Colour. I’m a lover of white shirts. They work with every suit colour, every tie and look sharp. Alternatively, pale blue.

Collar. Semi cut away collars work best, as a half or full Windsor sit well and the collar sits nicely under the suit lapels. Overlapping collars are an absolute no-no. Make sure collars and cuffs are solid. If limp, it instantly lets the entire look down.

Here are some of our favourite combinations-


Suit and tie combossuit combination

Suit and tie combinationsgrey suit with blue tie

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