Selection of men's shoes

The best shoes to wear with your bespoke suit

You’ve selected your suit for the day. Now, which shoes? Those ones from the wardrobe will do. Or not. One of the first things ladies notice about a man is his shoes: yes, we look directly at a man’s feet when we meet him. Does he shine them? Does he have any fashion sense? Does he take pride in his appearance? Shoes say such a lot – who would have thought!

When you’ve bought a beautifully fitted suit we can assure you it is not okay to pick those chunky square-toed shoes that have a nasty rim around them. To help you through this pickle we’ve put together a guide to choosing the perfect style of shoe for your beautiful suit:

  • Lighter tan coloured shoes work well with vibrant blue, brown and olive.
  • A darker brown shoe works well with navy for a smarter, business look or with textured grey suits.
  • Choose black shoes for black and charcoal suits. This includes dinner suits.
  • Unless the suit is a very, very dark blue, I would avoid black and stick to dark brown.

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Photo by Dương Trần Quốc on Unsplash