How to be the best looking Groom

How to be the best looking Groom

Wedding preparations are in full swing and the enquiries have ramped up recently, so we have decided to inspire and help you on your way to looking exceptional on your special day. We have prepared a 5 day special, where we will show you wedding styles for all seasons, all skin tones and all styles of weddings.

A lot of men opt for a suit that they can wear again after the big day. This doesn’t mean to say that this suit has to be worn as it would to work.

Mix with cool accessories such as patterned ties, colourful pocket squares, quirky tie pins and colourful corsages. Strip it back down and you have a suit you can wear another day, without someone even noticing.

Or… Go all out and make like the brides do and buy something unique for your day.

Before you start your search, think about what would suit you. This may sound silly. However, I know that I’ll look at a dress and say I love that! Then put it on and it just doesn’t work. Same with suits. Think about the day. Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

What will work for my skin tone?

What style looks good on me?

What colour would work with the rest of the theme?

Ok, so here are some starting points-

Skin tone

Tone of the shade you choose. If you have pale skin with a blue under tone, cooler colours work best.

Warmer skin tones, with a yellow under tone look better with colours with a little more warmth.

Darker skin tones, with a green under tone can take on much stronger colours and really pull out the stops when it comes to colour.

Completely confused? Come in to us at Savile Row and we’ll gladly run through this with you.


Generally, you can’t go wrong with a three piece suit. It looks sharp, the waistcoat acts like a corset and when you take (or throw) your jacket off when you’re throwing some shapes on the dance floor, you still look like the Groom.

One or two button suits work best in terms of flattering your shape. The buttons naturally sit at your waistline, therefore, drawing the eye downwards, which makes you look taller and slimmer.

Hot style tip: If you opt for a slightly darker shade of waistcoat, it is an optical illusion which will make your waistline look slimmer

Wedding theme:

This is quite important. If you go for a colour that simply doesn’t work with the rest of the colouring, you’re going to look slightly out of place. Think about what the colours are for the day and what the bridesmaids are wearing. It’s ok to slightly clash, but not too extreme.

In the next part, we will show you what colours work well together.

Bespoke wedding suits start at £795 for a classic, two piece, three piece £950

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Please note as it is a busy time of year for us, a consultation fee is applicable of £75. This will be set against any orders made.

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