AW Man of the month – Eddie Redmayne

AW Man of the month – Eddie Redmayne


Eddie Redmayne; an actor, model and all time heart throb. With his irresistible, English

charm, adorable, freckled face and recent outstanding, awarded performance, as

Stephen Hawking in ‘The Theory of Everything’. He’s charismatic too, when Eddie was

awarded his recent Bafta he unanimously gave the best speech of the evening! What’s

not to like? We almost forgot to mention, he’s also been voted GQ’s best dressed man of


Having been born and bred in one of the worlds Fashion capitals; London. Eddie’s

natural, dapper dress sense starts to make sense. Plus he had the opportunity to learn

from the best, having modelled for Burberry beside Cara Delevingne.

Eddie is regularly spied in some of Burberry’s more vibrant designs, for example this teal

double breasted trouser suit. Some question whether these statement choices are down

to Eddie’s colourblindness, here at AW we think his picks are pure genius. It’s about time

male style icons took up the statement, colour gantlet! We salute your bold, trendsetting

dress sense Mr Redmayne.

If like Eddie you have a fair complexion and ginger hair, hopefully he has proven there is

no need to have a fear of colour clashing. Especially not when it’s on trend! Yet, the fail

safe remains, as Eddie shows above. For the ultimate smoulder, dress head to toe in

black. Leaving nothing to detract the eye, just frame his strong jaw line and chiselled

cheek bones.

The question is, if you had the choice, how would you dress him?

A word from Alexandra; “I’d choose from a colour palette of muted greens and browns,

inspired by, ‘all that is Autumn’. This would set his fair colouring off beautifully and

compliment his a boyish charm. In a continuation of this playful theme; mix tweeds with

plaids, add straight flannel trousers, with a quirky turn up and to finish with, a pair of

tanned leather brogues. As spring is just around the corner, an alternative soft shade of

blue would really make his pale green eyes pop.”


Word by Jasmine Ives-Keller