Aprils Man of the month – Joe Manganiello

April Man of the month- Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello, is undoubtably our man of the month. This American is not only an actor, Joe is also a director, producer and author. Here at Alexandra Wood, yes we’re impressed with his talents and muscular frame, but when he has got clothes on, boy does he know how to dress!

Whether he’s donning a suit or jeans.

The True Blood and Magic Mike star, demonstrates exactly how to wear lighter suits for all occasions. Pair a slate grey suit with a contrasting tailored shirt in either a bright white or jet black.

Ties are optional, purely dependent on the occasion and should match the colour of the suit fabric or buttons, further tying (no pun intended!) the outfit together. In order to effortlessly, dress a suit down, pair with a t-shirt, scarf and a contrasting waistcoat, as Mr Manganiello proves, olive is the ideal shade. When picking out footwear for a smart affair a timeless, tanned, leather boot is an ideal choice. In addition an on trend, distressed brogue works just as well during casual circumstances.

Could Joe’s natural style be down to his Italian roots? Either way these fabrics and neutral colours, work really well together to compliment his dark hair and features. Whilst despite being big, a slim fitted suit jacket, paired with a straight leg trouser is the best cut to show off a muscular frame. If you have similar physical attributes to Joe, take note these ensembles would look good on you too.

Joe M

Furthermore Joe also dares to don darker colours, and he doesn’t just play it safe in a black or blue suit, his colour palette extends to an adventurous burgundy! Our hats are off to him. Joe wears this daring burgundy suit casually with a matching shade of t-shirt, whereas on a smarter occasion he chooses to pair with a white shirt and matching burgundy, skinny tie.

Joe manganielloJoe M3Joe manganiello in blue suit and blue scoop necked t-shirt

Here at Alexandra Wood we would like to see “Joe further mix it up in an unusual olive green linen, three piece, tailored suit, a crisp off-white shirt, unbuttoned, no tie. Worn with a distressed, dark brown boot. For smart occasions, a silver/grey patterned fabric with a black satin, shawl lapel. A dinner suit like no other, which would lend well to Joe’s effortless style”

Words by Jasmine Ives-Keeler